Our May networking meeting 2017!

18-May-2017 Wednesday 17th May 2017
This Month we had Carol Sinfield from Herbalife Nutrition, Carol's talk was about "Sugar Shocker!! How not to fuel the entrepreneur"

Carol discussed that as a business person you need to on the top of your game. Feeling fit, healthy, energetic and ready to tackle whatever comes your way. You want your workforce to be productive and effective and you certainly don’t want sickness and absenteeism in the work place. So the most important question you are asking yourself and your team is “What did you have for breakfast today?” . . .Carol expeled some of the nutrition myths you may have been led to believe over the years and share some insights into how to fuel your body right for success.

We would like to thank everyone for attending our May meeting. We would love to see you at next networking on Wednesday 14th June with our speaker Sue Chadwick from Chadwick's Admin whose talk will be about "Clear your desk, clear your mind"

Our events take place once a month at Hartford Golf Club, Northwich, Cheshire. Beginning at 7:15am with registration and general networking, we then continue the networking with our table groups over breakfast at 8am. At 8:30am, we feature our monthly speaker.
The event costs just £12 to attend, and that includes breakfast (Full English only or Continental), plus unlimited tea and coffee!

Our event draws to a close at 9:00am, however you are welcome to stay and carry on networking till 10:00am. Anybody who is unable to attend our meetings without prior 24 hour notice will still be charged.

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